Maximize investor IRR through debt

What makes us Unique?

The advantages of this investment model are basically:


This investment method makes it possible to apply very competitive project financing conditions


The expected IRRs are lower when comparing to other investment funds as the invested capital is guaranteed


Provides flexibility regarding the way of investing and the capital contributions to be made

This entire process involves implicit commitments and costs that must be assumed by the projects in advance, being able to recover once the required capital is available to the projects in the most optimal way for the investor.

Economic sectors

We are a general fund, although the economic sectors and projects we focus on are capital intensive. Within these sectors, it is worth highlighting energy, infrastructure, construction, etc.
We also invest in Companies that are involved in expansion processes or corporate M&A operations that require a significant capital outlay.
Start-up’s that require significant capital investments and / or financing to launch their projects to the market.
Public-private projects.
The geographical scope is worldwide with the exception of those countries and sectors that have international restrictions for trade and foreign investment.

Participation in projects

We invest in the projects as partners by contributing capital and / or through senior debt from an SPV (Special Proposed Vehicle) located in Luxembourg. An SPV is created for each investment.
Investment minimum ticket $25MM.
We accompany the main partners or promoters in their projects as minority partners.
We participate in the Board of Directors and / or Advisors giving the necessary financial support for the development and execution of business plans.

It is essential for investing in any sector or country to have a strategic partner who knows the sector and the region.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Period: 10 years with extensions.
  • Amortization of capital based on the cash flows of each project.
  • Interest rate depending on the benefits generated in each period.
  • Possibility of early cancellation.


  • Deeds of constitution of the company that will execute the project.
  • Empowerment of directors.
  • Business plan.
  • Financial model.
  • Valuation of assets and their official registration if applicable.
  • EEFF last two years in its case and/or audited.
  • Certificates from relevant public administrations of acceptance of the project and being up to date with payment.